Here's some personal projects I'm currently working on.


I've been a DJ in San Antonio since 2003. To keep up to date with my social media, gigs, and track lists, click the logo above!

Club Curations

A DJ Mix blog that I curate. I select DJs and Producers to submit mixes and I feature them on the Club Curations website along with featuring them on the San Antonio event website, Puro Pinche.
To view blog and listen to great mixes, click the logo!

Starting Small

I've recently started my journey in opening a small business in San Antonio, Texas and I am documenting every part of the way with a video blog. To follow along with my happy, disappointed, and confused moments, click the logo above!

The AM Project

The AM Project is a non-profit digital art and music program for kids. We offer DJ and Production classes along with graphic and urban art. We also set up at various events around San Antonio and give a crash course overview to anyone that is interested. I currently serve on the Board and I am also a part time instructor. For more information on this amazing program click the logo above!

Run All The Hills

I'm an avid runner and a proud member of the San Antonio Road Runners. I've run 3 half marathons and 3 full marathons and I'm a certified RRCA Running Coach. To read about my running journey, click the logo above!