Women's Self Defense Class - SARR and Girl Power Self Defense

The San Antonio Road Roadrunners and Girl Power Self Defense have partnered up to provide Self Defense Class Sessions for our current SARR Women Members for a very low cost.

Each class is open to 6 adults. Why that limit? These classes are hands on and each participant will be personally instructed through each lesson.

Instructor: Scott Phillips (Self Defense Instructor, Police Supervisor, Police Instructor)

Note: This is a hands on Self Defense course. In order to simulate real danger, you will be placed in uncomfortable situations in order to practice the techniques.

3 Dates in 2017
Times: 1pm-4pm (Class is 2-3 hours long)
Price: $10 donation plus registration fee - Must be a current SARR Member

Address: St. Phillips College - Employee Fitness Room

1801 Martin Luther King Dr. San Antonio, Texas 78203
We will meet at the intersection of Dakota St and Mittman St at 1pm

Please come dressed in gym type athletic wear.
Because this is a donation, there are no refunds if you cannot make the training and it cannot be transferred to a different date once registered. Donations go toward equipment maintenance for Girl Power Self Defense.

Register at eventbrite - must have password to access event.
Questions? Feel Free to email Lori Martinez at lori@runallthehills.com

San Antonio Runners - Safety MeetUp March 2017

Due to the recent events that have caused some concerns surrounding the safety of runners in San Antonio, I felt it was a good time to have some meetings to discuss best safety practices for individuals, and come up with some ideas on how we can become more involved with the city to make our presence and concerns known in hopes they will be recognized and additional resources can be put in place. This site will be used to document the progress where you will find notes and updates.

Below are the notes and action items from our first Safety Meetups this month.


March 2017 San Antonio Runners Safety Meetup Notes

1. Basic Runner’s Safety:
Responsibility and Accountability
General Guidelines – Stay aware, no headphones, personal alarms, runner tracking apps, personal weapons, let people know you are going for a run.

2. Current Concerns and Issues:
This was primarily focused on Parks and Trails.
Not enough park police presence, no emergency stations, not enough park usage

Develop Ideas on Overall Park and Neighborhood Safety
More Trail Stewards
More Police Presence
SAFFE Officer Involvement for neighborhoods
Neighborhood Watch Groups

Trail and Park Map App with GPS for Trail Stewards

4. How do we get more involved?
Start attending Parks and Recreation Board Meetings.
Start writing to city council in relative districts.
Invite a police or city council or Parks and Rec Board member to one of our safety meetups

5. What would define the success of the objective?
Currently Undefined.

Action Items:

1. Research city budget allocation for Public Safety and Police. Will need to attempt to determine how coverage is designated in neighborhoods and parks. (in progress)
2. Attend Parks and Recreation Board Meetings – A meet up has been scheduled for Monday April 24th at 5:30pm (in progress)
3. Inquire about safety items being donated – safety whistles, lights, personal alarms.
4. Reach out to the city to attempt a “coffee” meeting with a City or Public Safety Representative

5. Coordinate a Self Defense Class (in progress)


   Research taken from the City of San Antonio's Website                                                                                         

As of March 13th, 2017:

General Fund -
Public Safety City Budget Allocation 2017: $750M
Parks and Recreation Budget: $99M
Police Budget: $457M
Planning and Community Development Budget: $27M

Some notable goals stated in the 2017 Adopted Budget:

Expand sustainable resources through community partnerships and programs:

“Continue operation of the Community Service Liaison, Trail Watch Volunteers and Trail Steward programs to enable Park Police to concentrate on law enforcement efforts.”

“Increase optimum use of recreation facilities by developing partnerships and creating shared use agreements with neighborhood and community groups.”

“Parks App Pilot: Create an app that will provide a map of linear creek ways & initial pilot parks (10 largest) to include exact locations and amenities. The app will also include features like searching for a park by amenity, calendar of classes & events, ability to contact a trail steward & data collection on park usage.”

“Wi-Fi in Parks: Implement a pilot program to increase Wi-Fi coverage at 10 playgrounds and dog parks at City parks. Staff will research the potential of public-private partnerships to allow for Wi-Fi coverage to be expanded at a lower cost.”

“Implement the SAFFE Citywide Initiative - The SAPD is undertaking a plan to increase officer training in the areas of Community Policing, Crime Prevention, and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED).”

Identify resources for neighborhood groups and to support the neighborhood planning component of future city planning efforts.”

Operate Catalytic Improvements Program to revitalize targeted neighborhoods through completion of improvement projects such as introduction of curbs, sidewalks, driveway approaches and gateway projects.

Create an Urban Renewal Plan and prepare for implementation of a possible Neighborhood Improvements Bond.”