Run All The Hills - Local Runner Spotlight - Edie Perez

Edie Perez running in the Louisiana Marathon 2016

Edie Perez running in the Louisiana Marathon 2016

I like to watch people succeed.
— Edie Perez

Edie Perez
Location: San Antonio, Texas

The running community is rich with many different people, personalities, and tons of support. However, it can also be very intimidating for people new to the sport trying to find their place all while learning how to achieve their goals. Thankfully there are people in the running community that make the entrance to it much easier, less daunting, very welcoming, and fun. One of those people is this Local Runner Spotlight's selection, Edie Perez.

Edie, has been active in the running community for six years and has achieved numerous accomplishments. She started off as a, "Soccer Mom" doing run/walks with other mothers, and decided she wanted to do more. She began increasing her mileage and was able to complete her first half marathon. Fast forward 6 years later and she has now completed over 20 half marathons, 11 full marathons, one 50K, and has recently become an RRCA Certified Running Coach. This Fall season, she will be donating her time as one of the coaches for the SARR Half Marathon Training Team, gearing runners new and experienced for the San Antonio Rock n Roll Marathon in December. She is a proud member of the San Antonio Roadrunners, Project Phoenix, and is listed as Marathon Maniac #11477, Half Fanatic #15013, and Double Agent #2494.

Known for being a great organizer of creative meetups and awesome runcations, Edie is the smiling face that brings many runners together in San Antonio, as well as other cities and states. The runcation that she is best known for organizing as well as being one of her favorites races, is the New Orleans Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon.

While keeping busy with running, Edie is also a wife as well as mother of two brave sons who are serving their country with the US Navy, as well as Parker Antoinette Perez, who is her Boxer who she spoils and adores.

You can find Edie and her husband Rob, every Thursday evening hosting the ever popular Taco Land meet up on our beautiful Riverwalk. Her welcoming and friendly attitude brings all types of runners to meet for a fun motivating run and a social afterwards.

I was new to the sport of long distance running two years ago and as one of those new intimidated runners, Edie's meet up was one of my first where I, despite my social anxiety, felt just like family. 

I'm looking forward to what Edie will bring to our community as a coach and a continued beacon of support for many people and running organizations.

I spent some time with Edie to talk about where she started, her accomplishments, what she loves about running, and what she hopes to see for the future of our community.

Listen to the interview below to learn more.