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Run All The Hills - Local Runner Spotlight - Julia Hargesheimer

Julia Hargesheimer is all smiles during the SARR Member's Appreciation Run 2016 Photo by Robert Parker

Julia Hargesheimer is all smiles during the SARR Member's Appreciation Run 2016
Photo by Robert Parker

Just having fun is the biggest goal.
— Julia Hargesheimer

Julia Hargesheimer
Location: San Antonio, Texas

One of the things I love most about the Local Runner Spotlight is that it allows me the opportunity to feature those that have inspired me on this running journey. I'm grateful that I am able to share their stories and contributions with our community. With that said, I'm excited to introduce this month's Spotlight, Julia Hargesheimer.

Julia began her own running journey in college and has been an active member of our local running community in San Antonio for many years. She is an accomplished runner with a major love for the long run; having completed 8 full marathons and will be returning to run Boston in 2018.

On top of running, Julia is a race director for the San Antonio Road Runners and has directed the SARR Member's Appreciation Run in New Braunfels, TX for the past few years. Though the responsibility of being a Race Director is extremely demanding, she thoroughly enjoys the challenges it brings. This is an amazing way to give back to SARR and it's members! (Thanks Julia!)

Julia is a wife to a very supportive husband and a mother of three children. Together with her husband, they work together to set a great example on the value of fitness for their family. They can often be found most Wednesday evenings at the SARR Zoo Run in Brackenridge Park as active participants.

For Julia, running provides balance and a way to de-stress. It has allowed her opportunities to meet new people from many different backgrounds as one of things she likes best about running is the fact that it does not discriminate.

Listen to the interview to hear about some of her race day strategies, what running has done for her, and her thoughts for the future of running in San Antonio.

Run All The Hills - Local Runner Spotlight - Dawn Mathis

Dawn Mathis running in the Alzheimer's Association Race to Remember 5K - May 2017 Photo Credit: Derek Mathis

Dawn Mathis running in the Alzheimer's Association Race to Remember 5K - May 2017
Photo Credit: Derek Mathis

I really really love running.
— Dawn Mathis

Dawn Mathis
Location: Helotes/San Antonio, Texas

Since I started becoming involved with the local running community I have met so many amazing people that are an inspiration to myself and many others. Due to the overwhelming appreciation I have towards them, I wanted to be able to share their stories in what makes them amazingly unique and to highlight how valuable they are to our local community as a whole. These stories aren't just about running. They are about life, passion, dedication, and selflessness.

This makes me extremely excited to kick off the series featuring my mentor, coach, and great friend, Coach Dawn Mathis.

Dawn has been running miles and miles for 26 years starting her journey with her Cross Country High School Team. She has 17 Full Marathons under her belt which include high profile races such as The Bank of America Chicago Marathon and the Boston Marathon (3 times!). She participates in numerous races for charities throughout the year (see picture for the Alzheimer's Association Race to Remember 5K) and stays actively involved in the running community where you can catch her at meet ups and running events throughout the city.

On top of being an active race participant, Dawn is a certified RRCA and USATF running coach as well as a member of the San Antonio RoadRunners (SARR). For the past two years, she has been the Head Coach for the SARR Fall Training Full Marathon Team. Additionally, she has been promoted to the role of Director of Coaches where she provides consistency in the coaching philosophies, guidelines, and schedules for the training programs and also offers guidance and mentorship to the SARR RRCA Coaches.

Not only is Dawn an amazing coach and runner, she is also a loving Mother and Wife to four incredible children and a just as amazing dedicated and supportive husband.

Dawn is natural motivator and continues to inspire those that she coaches with her experience, kindness, and genuine concern for the well being of the athletes she trains.

I am extremely appreciative that Dawn was kind enough to meet up with me for an interview. Please take some time to listen to some of her running stories, advice, and her vision of the future for the Runners of the City of San Antonio.